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Hedgehog In The Fog

Hedgehog in the Fog

It was a warm January day, whose only goal was to melt the new snow and turn it into puddles of dirt. I picked up my son from school and was driving through a plain field, mesmerized by the impenetrable sheet of fog. "Why smoke?", "Why white?" he kept asking, but I couldn't take my eyes off the road and my mind off the cloudy cottony chunks of fog that engulfed the ground. So, he stopped asking and started watching…

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Is Valentine’s Day About Love?

Is Valentine’s Day about Love?

With Valentines's Day approcahing I am thinking about ideas for gifts, photo sessions and baby sitting solutions. But first, about love... I don't really support the commercialism of this holiday: withered rose from a gas station, stuffed animal whose fate is to collect dust im the corner under the bed, rubber tasting stale chocolate from questionable convenience store - these celebratory attributes don't particularly appeal to me. But I am also not one of the opponents of the holiday who…

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How NOT To Lose Your Mind At A Family Photoshoot

How NOT to lose your mind at a family photoshoot

So, you finally decided to invest the hard earned money into beautiful portraits of your family with smiling tidy kids and graciously looking parents - yourselves. The photos and canvases will adorn your tastefully decorated house and will become the subject of envy to all friends and neighbors, while also reminding you how amiable and loving your family is. And there it starts - the self-doubting... What if your 5 year old doesn't stay still? What if your 7 year…

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