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Mother with baby
Family, child photo
Hi there! Glad to see you!

Let me tell you a little about myself.

Born and raised overseas, I now consider myself American with European touch… and accent (ugh…). More than ten years ago, having left behind everything and everybody I knew, I came to US for love. I found freedom, passion and myself. This country gave me a push to think outside the box, to be whatever I wanted. And I wanted to be two things: an anthropologist and an artist. The two interests organically merged into one big passion – photography. As anthropologist (by education), I am interested in documenting human life: how people interact, love, laugh, touch, and feel. As an artist, I love photography for its creative nature and unlimited possibilities for imagination. So, here I am, in love with what I do.

And I do it for and about YOU. Whether you are a mom missing from all pictures because you are the one behind the camera, or a dad finding himself reading work e-mails on the phone while playing with kids – the photoshoot will make you step away from the worries and enjoy special moments with your loved ones. It’s the time for you to slow down, relax and have fun with your family. This is where I step in – to capture those precious moments of joy, affection, or silliness and turn them into your lifelong memories.

If you are a couple who want something more than a static shot of you against a nice building, then you are in the right place too! Let me capture how you FEEL about each other, care for each other or how you tease each other, how you touch and look at each other. Let me help you make memories that will warm your heart for years!

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