Hedgehog In The Fog

Hedgehog in the Fog

It was a warm January day, whose only goal was to melt the new snow and turn it into puddles of dirt. I picked up my son from school and was driving through a plain field, mesmerized by the impenetrable sheet of fog. "Why smoke?", "Why white?" he kept asking, but I couldn't take my eyes off the road and my mind off the cloudy cottony chunks of fog that engulfed the ground. So, he stopped asking and started watching…

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Is Valentine’s Day About Love?

Is Valentine’s Day about Love?

With Valentines's Day approcahing I am thinking about ideas for gifts, photo sessions and baby sitting solutions. But first, about love... I don't really support the commercialism of this holiday: withered rose from a gas station, stuffed animal whose fate is to collect dust im the corner under the bed, rubber tasting stale chocolate from questionable convenience store - these celebratory attributes don't particularly appeal to me. But I am also not one of the opponents of the holiday who…

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How NOT To Lose Your Mind At A Family Photoshoot

How NOT to lose your mind at a family photoshoot

So, you finally decided to invest the hard earned money into beautiful portraits of your family with smiling tidy kids and graciously looking parents - yourselves. The photos and canvases will adorn your tastefully decorated house and will become the subject of envy to all friends and neighbors, while also reminding you how amiable and loving your family is. And there it starts - the self-doubting... What if your 5 year old doesn't stay still? What if your 7 year…

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Magic For The Baby

Magic for the baby

Do you remember the time when you believed in magic? When you tried to spy on your toys to catch them talking and living their lives? Or, when you had two-way conversations with your favorite teddy bear or doll? Or when you left cookies and milk for that old man you never saw and jumped of joy if the glass was empty in the morning? I bet those memories are so distant that you would have hard time eliciting them,…

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Christmas Is Around The Corner

Christmas is around the corner

We are officially in the pre-Christmas season! It doesn't seem weird anymore to see Christmas decorations on the shelves, spot shiny Christmas trees in the department stores, and hear Christmas humming from airplane speakers while boarding (yes, I know, it's hard to pay attention to music while cautiously trying to guess who your neighbor for the next few hours will be and whether you will get a spot in the overhead bin, but some people do). It's in this festive…

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Photoshoot For My Two-month-old

Photoshoot for my two-month-old

It's been two months since the beautiful late August morning when I had my princess. Swoosh.... time flies. Have you noticed that every year time goes by faster and faster? If not, you are probably among the lucky ones who haven't turned 30 yet, or you just don't have kids:)  The princess while not really minding the hovering mom with camera, was more interested in the musical toy that dad kept swinging in front of her nose. But once in…

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