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Christmas Is Around The Corner

Christmas is around the corner

We are officially in the pre-Christmas season! It doesn’t seem weird anymore to see Christmas decorations on the shelves, spot shiny Christmas trees in the department stores, and hear Christmas humming from airplane speakers while boarding (yes, I know, it’s hard to pay attention to music while cautiously trying to guess who your neighbor for the next few hours will be and whether you will get a spot in the overhead bin, but some people do). It’s in this festive mood that I decided to do a mini Christmas photoshoot for my 2-year-old and a 3-month-old. Naturally, the latter on was more cooperative.

I set up red Christmas lights in the background, threw a soft white blanket on the table, prepared a few holiday toys and ornaments. Who wouldn’t want to take a few memorable beautiful shots in such a set-up?! That’s right… a toddler wouldn’t. I should have known.

I had to bribe the peace disruptor with a promise to make photos with his trucks. Well, at least they are red…

Probably to compensate for her brother’s unwillingness to make amazing memories and focus on what matters, the little sister decided to save the day and prove that girls will be girls. She didn’t mind a few outfit changes and made the cutest faces.

In the end, the kiddos did a great job. Memories don’t need to be fake glamour images, they should be real, full of authentic emotions (whatever they are), true faces, and true life. And a few dolls, of course, for mommy…

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