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Eric Carle Themed Cake Smash Session

Eric Carle Themed Cake Smash Session

Baby’s first birthday is a big milestone not only for the baby but the parents as well. A couple more months and the baby will suddenly turn into a toddler, looking and snooping around, tasting, touching, trying everything and everybody, laughing contagiously and throwing tantrums, looking sweet and peaceful and sternly demanding his wishes granted. His or her personality will suddenly become more apparent, and it will be even more captivating to watch the child develop and slowly becoming him- or herself.

First birthday is both joyful and sad. While celebrating your precious baby’s ability to have become the center of your life (and your ability to care for the offspring despite all reservations your might have had watching your next plant die), you are also suddenly hit with reality of your baby growing up, becoming more independent and needing you less and less, and, alas, you getting older. That’s yet one more reason to do the first birthday photoshoot: to create the memory of those chunky thighs and arms, those plump cheeks, that flawless skin, those two teeth exposed at every smile and giggle. As sad as it may sound, it the first and the last birthday of your child’s baby stage. All next birthdays will be different.
Now, to the good part! One year and on is such a fun time in your baby’s life! He or she is exploring the world and engaging you in their amazing explorations and discoveries. They start to express themselves, they start saying first words, they toddle around on their still unstable bare feet making one of the most pleasant sounds to a parent’s ear. They giggle contagiously, they weep over the tiniest and funniest things, they cautiously reach out to their peers and they cutely hide behind parents’ legs.That’s the stage that every parent vows to never forget, and invariably forgets as time goes on and their children manage to amaze them with other things. And that’s another reason to immortalize these precious moments in something that has stood the test of time, – in photographs. 

Fifteen-twenty years from now, neither you or your kids will be flipping through your phone to look at their baby pictures. You won’t be all gathered around a monitor in your office to look at them either. If you ever go through baby photographs, re-feeling what you felt then, smiling and smirking, and even shedding a hidden nostalgic tear, it would be with a print or an album in your hands, with something that you would adoringly look at and then carefully hide away till the next time.

Don’t waste your time then. Book your First Birthday session now. It could be a Cake smash, it could be a family photoshoot, it could be outdoors or in a studio. It could be anything, because it would be about you.




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