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Four Months Photoshoot With A Big Brother

Four Months Photoshoot with a Big Brother

Is there a bigger joy for a new mom than to watch her child grow? To see the transformation from the tiny little peanut with jerky movements and sleepy eyes into a formed baby, a person with his or her own character, features and perks? They start bubbling, and giggling, and wobbling, and then the next thing you know they’re off to school. Oh, life, stop for a moment, would you?

Just a few months ago I photographed this sweet two weeks old boy who was so sleepy, so moldable, so vulnerable and so unaware of the surroundings except for when mom was nearby (You know, that milk call? It exists). And now, a few months later, I was there for a four months photoshoot and couldn’t but being amazed. He holds his head, and smiles, and giggles; and his features are so defined, and delicate, and recognizable. He interacts with his brother and radiates joy any time his mom appears in the view. He found his little toes and they are his best toy right now J

And the best part? You can see the relationship with his older brother starting to form. What’s there to come? Are they going to be best friends? Are they going to fight for toys? For dad’s time and mom’s hugs? For girls? Are they going to support each other? Are they going to cover up each other’s mischiefs before their parents? Are they going to drive each other nuts until one day, maybe in their early thirties, they realize that they are truly BFFs? Well, that won’t stop them from annoying each other but still…

There is something special about sibling’s love. It’s infused with rivalry and jealousy, along with affection and care. The older you are the deeper your connection to your sibling is; that’s especially true about same sex siblings who were lucky(?!) enough to live in a small house and share rooms. They know each other better than anyone else and can’t help but accept each other just the way they are, because they don’t know any better.

Chin-chin to brothers and sisters!


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