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Hedgehog In The Fog

Hedgehog in the Fog

It was a warm January day, whose only goal was to melt the new snow and turn it into puddles of dirt. I picked up my son from school and was driving through a plain field, mesmerized by the impenetrable sheet of fog. “Why smoke?”, “Why white?” he kept asking, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the road and my mind off the cloudy cottony chunks of fog that engulfed the ground. So, he stopped asking and started watching too. ” Why did I leave the camera home?” nagged my brain, “I need to get it and come back” whispered the heart. And so I did, risking to lose it to the descending sun and to find myself in the cold darkness of winter evening, I rushed home, grabbed camera, and went back to the field. It was still light enough, phew…

I told my son to go play with the fog, but the sneaky fog kept escaping any time the boy tried to catch it. So, he decided to play with his toy trucks instead – those were tangible and great for trudging through dirt and puddles. I just watched and clicked. And I was wondering if it’s true that there is no such thing as bad weather in the nature. I liked what I saw and what I felt, and my son enjoyed the cold puddles immensely.

Next day, we drove by the same place. My son asked if we could go play in the puddles again. No. There was no fog, so no point…


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