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Is Valentine’s Day About Love?

Is Valentine’s Day about Love?

With Valentines’s Day approcahing I am thinking about ideas for gifts, photo sessions and baby sitting solutions. But first, about love…

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I don’t really support the commercialism of this holiday: withered rose from a gas station, stuffed animal whose fate is to collect dust im the corner under the bed, rubber tasting stale chocolate from questionable convenience store – these celebratory attributes don’t particularly appeal to me. But I am also not one of the opponents of the holiday who claim that love should be shown and felt every day, not just once a year. While I understand and support this position, I am also trying to be realistic about it – those of us who are lucky to be in love, do show their love and affection every day, but in different ways. Valentines Day is a pass to silliness, or darker shade of our passion, or a way to reconnect with our romantic side. If anything, this really should be about couples who have been together for more than a year, or have kids, or live with their in-laws, for those who forgot when was the last time they kissed in public, or sent dirty messages to each other during important company meetings, or whispered I love you when making love. It should be for those who can’t remember the smell of fresh flowers in their hands, or the feel of a hand made card with their favorite poem written in it, or how it felt to spend a day and night alone with their spouse… And, well, I digressed..

Valentine’s Day is also about the family. Isn’t family what the origin and final destination of love is? Having kids brings about a new dimension of love, expands our capacity for affection and devotion (as well as the capacity of our lungs from screaming and sighing :)). They are the fruit of our love; the fruit that grows and falls off quickly, leaving us only with a memory of sweetness. So, here is a baby Valentines’s photoshoot I did with my fruit and her sweetness. I didn’t go for a lot of bright red and white props but left it simple and elegant. When she grows up, I will show her how much I loved her đŸ™‚

Love and be loved, my dear friends! Happy Valentines Day! Celebrate Love – it deserves it.


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